Congratulations on beginning the journey.

Hi, Dr. Dan here and I want to personally thank you for buying my book

"Blood Pressure Magic."

This is the exercise and weight training program I use and prescribe for my patients.

First take the fitness test and then move through the beginner to the advanced program.   One of the things that is so amazing is how fast you will improve. The body adapts so quickly to exercise you will be shocked at how fast you can attain strength, balance and stamina. ​ There is a constant principal  in physiology called "overload",, which simply means that if you increase exercise in frequency, duration and intensity your body will continue to adapt and change.

There are so many benefits to exercise and blood pressure reduction is just one of them......not  only will blood pressure drop but your heart muscle will strengthen and as an added bonus your muscles will gain improved insulin sensitivity. Improved insulin sensitivity will decrease chances of getting Type II diabetes which has become an epidemic in society.

All these physiological changes improve health and without the side effects of medication.

So let's get started and welcome aboard!