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Stress free way to lower blood pressure

Easy stress free way to lower blood pressure without drugs.

You know you need to exercise especially if you have high blood pressure.  Your doctor keeps harping at you that you will need medication or up you medication you're already on  if your numbers don't start improving.

What if you hate exercise and when you do exercise you get injured or your knees or back hurts.

Or both...

I have just the answer.

Water aerobics. And better yet water aerobics with hand weights.

A simple water aerobic workout of just under an hour three times a week lowered BP by

6 mm Hg according to a study published in the Asian Journal of Sports medicine.[i]

That's as good as many drugs and without the side effects.

Water aerobics eliminates joint stress, yet you get the cardio and BP lowering effects.

I had to start this as every time a ran I injured myself. And let me tell you I just didn't heal like I used to. What would take a week or two now took months to heal and I have to start over.

Running is a skill that you need to stay with as it's just painful and exhausting to get back in the groove.

Water aerobics is the answer and when you add hand weights you build muscle and lower your risk of diabetes, and hypertension.

Now if you want to supercharge your blood pressure program add these supplements.

My TOP 5 supplements for blood pressure control.

Vitamin D

Blood pressure reduction is one of the many extraordinary health benefits of vitamin D. It has a similar effect of a class of BP medications called ACE inhibitors.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme is great for lowering BP naturally. Some studies show as much as a 16 mg Hg drop in systolic and a 8 mm Hg. drop in diastolic BP.


Not only does the antioxidants in pycnogenol lower BP one study done at the University of Arizona showed there was also decrease need for medication. Blood sugar dropped and hemoglobin H1c numbers (long term marker for diabetics) were greatly improved.


L-carnitine lowers blood pressure and decreases angina (chest pain). Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine published a report in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension showing that L-carnitine was effective in reducing systolic blood pressure and increasing the diameter of the brachial artery. Bigger artery lower blood pressure.


Magnesium supplementation has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Some scientists believe that magnesium deficiency is worse than excess fructose. Magnesium supplementation reduced systolic blood pressure by 5.6 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 2.8 mmHg. It worked even better is patients with advanced heart disease.

That's a pretty stellar cast.

As you'll notice some of these nutrients work as well as medications.

All these nutrients and more are in the HeartLifePlus formula.

I don't like to leave anything to chance when your health is at stake.

So start exercising and start the HLP today.

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